Win Toolkit v1.4.0.27

Win Toolkit, formerly Windows 7 Toolkit, is designed to help you integrate your Updates, Drivers, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Wallpapers, Addons, SFX Installers, Gadgets and remove the things you don't want from your Windows installation disk. 
Win Toolkit is the first program of its kind to integrate your favourite programs into your Windows installation disk! It features an All-In-One Tool, Component Removal, AIO Disk Creator, ISO Maker, Registry Hive Editor, SoLoR SP1 Updates, USB Boot Prep, Unattended Creator.
Win Toolkit also features tools like Addon Maker, Update Retriever, CAB Update Installer, Capture Image, Force Unmount, Language Pack Converter, MSP Extractor (MS Office), MSU to CAB Converter, SWM Merger, WIM Manager, WIM Splitter, and lots more.

Changes in Win Toolkit v1.4.0.27:
• FIX: 'Adjust Visual Styles' tweak did not work

• FIX: Using 'Import Image' via 'WIM Manager' had wrong options selected
• FIX: Update Installer hanged uninstalling updates
• FIX: Updates for Windows Update itself now show green
• FIX: Links did not open correctly.
• FIX: MSU to CAB Converter now opens support page on double click
• FIX: MSU to CAB Converter did not show correct support link
• FIX: Driver Installer said 'Stop' when removing drivers
• FIX: When uninstalling drivers, the list was still disabled.
• FIX: When loading services presets, same values will not be checked
• FIX: WinToolkit now cleans up on edit when on new update screen
• FIX: Removed 'SoLoR' button from Update Catalog
• FIX: Update Checker did not load setting correctly
• 'Music and Video Samples' is now red
• Antivirus prompt before AIO Integration starts
• EXE > MSU now prompts where to put the files after completion
Win Toolkit v1.4.0.27 | 9.4 MB 

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