Sunrise Faucet

Sunrise Faucet concept gives us a glimpse of what should look like the valves tomorrow. A day which does not seem very far since prototypes have already been made.

Sunrise Faucet with his winged form and take the valve plate into another dimension. Exempt from any mechanical part, this faucet is decidedly high-tech 100% multitouch. On one of its "wings", it displays five touch buttons. Thus, some fingering, the user can control the temperature or the flow of water. It was also right to ON / OFF button to turn off the tap when not in use to avoid wastage. With a decidedly innovative design, ultra modern and sophisticated form of Sunrise Faucet is an added bonus for this cock like no other.

The designer of this futuristic faucet Stefano Ollino Doro Design. The concept already has two major awards to its credit: a IF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award.



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