Led Running Lights

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Led Running Lights

If you are looking for the miniature running LEDs light then here you can get one. The circuit  in this site is is using the timer 555 1 to 10 decoder 7493 and 1 to 16 decoder 7441.


R1 6.8k
VR1 100K
R2, R3 220 Ohm
IC1 Timer 555IC
IC2 1 to 10 Decoder 7493  IC
IC3 1 to 16 decoder  7442 IC
(N1,N2) IC4  IC 7400  – NAND Gate
D1 – D16 LEDs
C1 Capacitor  5μ 25 V
C2 Capacitor  0.01μ
BATT Battery 5 Volt


 Circuit Diagram

 The circuit consists of three parts. The first part has an oscillator while the second has mod 16 counter 7493. The oscillator is wired in self-triggered mode, and the potentiometer VR1 is used for speed control of the running lights. That is, frequency can be varied from 21 Hz to less than 1 Hz.The counter outputs A, B and C are decoded by IC3 (the decoder 7442) and the outputs obtained on pins 1 to 9 of this IC.The D output of the counter is used for selecting the LEDs from D1 to D8 or D9 to D16. When D is low D1 to D8 are selected, and when D is high D9 to D16 are selected.For the selection of these LEDs, IC4 (7400) NAND gate is used. Thus, a sequential running effect is produced.

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