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Schematic Symbol Reference

Using the reference is very simple. 
All you need to do is move your mouse over the symbol you want information about and click. 
Note that when you move your mouse over any symbol, an explaination of what is appears below the graphic.
To move between the different categories, just click the approiate link under "Categories", or use the "Next" and "Previous" links to surf through the various categories. Remember that there are a few variations in the way different people draw their symbols.
For example, some use earth ground and circuit ground to mean the same thing. This reference tries to provide the industry standard symbols.
If at some points it seems like I am repeating myself, I am. This is so that you can look up the symbols in any order you wish. I have also left space in several of the image maps in case there are new symbols introduced. 
Please note that the symbols are in no particular order. 
Nevertheless, the reference is still very easy to use as everything is plainly visible. 

 برنامج رموز العناصر الالكترونية Schematic Symbol Reference

اسهل برنامج لتعلم رموز العناصر الالكترونية للمبتدئبن اسمه البرنامج
 .Schematic Symbol Reference
ويوضح البرنامج رموز العناصر الالكترونية ومواصفاتها مثال للعناصر الالكترونية :
  • الترانزستور 
  • الدايود
  • الزنر
  • الدوائر المتكاملة 
  •  المقاومات 
  • العناصر الفعالة والغير فعالة