Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010

Microsoft Office Project Professional gives you robust project management tools with the right blend of usability, power, and flexibility, so you can manage projects more efficiently and effectively.
You can stay informed and control project work, schedules, and finances, keep project teams aligned, and be more productive through integration with familiar Microsoft Office system programs, powerful reporting, guided planning, and flexible tools.

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته
تعودتم منا أن لا نقدم أدوات أو أضافات بلوجر
" وما قدمنا هذا إلا نزول لطلب أحد أصدقائي الأعزاء وأردت أن أفيد الجميع "
في هذه الفقرة سنتعرف على كيفية إضافة زر الطباعة لمدونات بلوجر وذلك بإعطاء زوار المدونة الأحقية في طباعة المواضيع 
العملية جد سهلة ،لنتبع الطريقة إذاً.

فضيحة المكثف الصيني

فضيحة المكثف الصيني

عنوان غريب اليس كذلك
ولكن هذه هي الحقيقه
اه الي يحصل لو تشتري مكثف بسعه و جهد معينين
وتتفاجأ بنه غير ذلك علي الاطلاق
وهذا بعد خراب ملطي

شوفتوا المصيبه فيه مكثف تاني خلص جوا غولاف الكثف المطلوب
ومن الطرق البسيطه لمعرفت الخدعه اضغط علي الغلاف الخارجي بيدك ومتتعفاش عليه لحسن يفرقع في ايدك
وتبهدل نفسك مع الحمض الي فيه ( في حالة إن كان غير مغشوش )
وشكرا ليكم وخلوا بالكم


Stepper Motor Controller   [0.11 MB]
Easy to use program allows you to precisely control stepper motor through your computer
Crownhill PICBASIC ProtonDevelopment Suite 3.1 - Lite   [21.87 MB]
Proton Development Suite Lite Edition is a free and fully functional, non-expiring download which includes a compiler, IDE and the ISIS Simulator. The Lite Edition only supports 12C508, 12F675, 16F628A, 16F877 devices and is limited to 50 lines of code which does not include; comments, lines containing only a label, or empty lines.
EAGLE 4.16   [7.81 MB]
Free EAGLE PCB Layout Editor
EAGLE v5.7.0   [29.29 MB]
EAGLE PCB layout editor is an easy to use, powerful and affordable schematic capture and printed circuit board design package
ExpressPCB   [8.68 MB]
Easy to use Printed Circuit Board layout software
HI-TECH C Lite PIC Compiler 9.70   [6.06 MB]
Free C compiler for PIC10F / PIC12F / PIC16F microcontrollers by Microchip
IC-Prog 1.05D   [0.57 MB]
Allows to program all types of microcontrollers like PIC, AVR and many others
IC-Prog 1.06B   [0.58 MB]
ICPROG is a free windows program that you can use for PIC Programming. It interfaces using either the serial or parallel port on a PC, via programming hardware, to the ICSP pins on the PIC micro. It can program 12Cxx, 16Cxxx, 16Fxx, 16F87x, 18Fxxx, 16F7x, 24Cxx, 93Cxx, 90Sxxx, 59Cxx, 89Cx051, 89S53, 250x0, PIC, AVR, 80C51 etc.
IC-Prog NT/2000 driver   [0.19 MB]

Mecanique MicroCode Studio   [2.39 MB]
MicroCode Studio is a powerful, visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with In Circuit Debugging (ICD) capability designed specifically for microEngineering Labs PICBASIC and PICBASIC PRO compiler.
microEngineering PICBASIC PROCompiler Demo   [3.48 MB]
This is a demo version of PICBASIC PRO Compiler with MircoCode Studio IDE. Demo only supports a limited number of PICmicro MCUs such as PIC12F683, 16F627(A), 16F628(A), 16F84(A), 16F688, 16F690, 16F87, 16F88, 16F870, 16F871, 16F872, 16F873(A), 16F874(A), 16F876(A), 16F877(A), 16F882, 16F883, 16F884, 16F886, 16F887 and is limited to 31 lines of source code (comments and whitespace are not counted)
mikroC PRO for PIC 2009 v320   [17.6 MB]
Fully functional free demo version of mikroC PRO for PIC 2009 IDE with compiler available from Mikroelektronika. Demo's hex output is limited to 2k of program words.
MPASM   [0.22 MB]
Assembly Compiler for PIC microcontrollers that converts asm source code into hex file.
PICKit2 v2.61PIC ProgrammerSoftware   [4.13 MB]
This is a programming software for Microchip's PICKit2 programmer. The PICkit 2 Development Programmer/Debugger is a low-cost development tool with an easy to use interface for programming and debugging Microchip’s Flash families of microcontrollers. The full featured Windows programming interface supports baseline (PIC10F, PIC12F5xx, PIC16F5xx), midrange (PIC12F6xx, PIC16F), PIC18F, PIC24, dsPIC30, dsPIC33, and PIC32 families of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers, and many Microchip Serial EEPROM products. With Microchip’s powerful MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) the PICkit 2 enables in-circuit debugging on most PIC microcontrollers. In-Circuit-Debugging runs, halts and single steps the program while the PIC microcontroller is embedded in the application. When halted at a breakpoint, the file registers can be examined and modified.
PonyProg Serial Device Programmer   [0.44 MB]
PonyProg is a serial device programmer software with a user friendly GUI framework available for Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Linux. Its purpose is reading and writing every serial device. At the moment it supports I²C Bus, Microwire, SPI eeprom, the Atmel AVR and Microchip PIC micros. Supported programmers are SI Prog, AVR ISP (STK200/300), Ludipipo/JDM, EasyI2C, and DT-006 AVR.
WinPIC Programmer   [0.76 MB]
This is a simple program for Win95/98/XP to program the PIC firmware from a HEX-file into a PIC microcontroller. It supports JDM, JDM PIC-programmer 2, Velleman K8048, the Hoodmicro, programmer and can program the following microcontrollers: # dsPIC30F2010 (theoretically ALL dsPIC30F devices supported, a few tested) # PIC16C61, PIC16C71 # PIC16C84, PIC16F84 # PIC16C710, PIC16C711, PIC16C715 # PIC10F200, PIC10F202, PIC10F204, PIC10F206 # PIC12F629, PIC12F635, PIC12F675, PIC12F683 # PIC12F609, PIC16F610, PIC12F615, PIC16F616 (new since 2007-06) # PIC16F627, PIC16F627A, PIC16F628, PIC16F628A # PIC16F630, PIC16F636, PIC16F648A # PIC16F676, PIC16F684, PIC16F688 # PIC16F73, PIC16F737, PIC16F74, PIC16F76, PIC16F77 # PIC16F818, PIC16F819 # PIC16F87, PIC16F88 # PIC16F873A...PIC16F877A # PIC16F88 # PIC18F242, PIC18F248, PIC18F252, PIC18F258 # PIC18F442, PIC18F448, PIC18F452, PIC18F458 # PIC18F2XX0/2XX5/4XX0/4XX5 (tested: PIC18F2550)

Win Toolkit v1.4.0.27

Win Toolkit, formerly Windows 7 Toolkit, is designed to help you integrate your Updates, Drivers, Theme Packs, Tweaks, Wallpapers, Addons, SFX Installers, Gadgets and remove the things you don't want from your Windows installation disk. 
Win Toolkit is the first program of its kind to integrate your favourite programs into your Windows installation disk! It features an All-In-One Tool, Component Removal, AIO Disk Creator, ISO Maker, Registry Hive Editor, SoLoR SP1 Updates, USB Boot Prep, Unattended Creator.
Win Toolkit also features tools like Addon Maker, Update Retriever, CAB Update Installer, Capture Image, Force Unmount, Language Pack Converter, MSP Extractor (MS Office), MSU to CAB Converter, SWM Merger, WIM Manager, WIM Splitter, and lots more.

Changes in Win Toolkit v1.4.0.27:
• FIX: 'Adjust Visual Styles' tweak did not work

• FIX: Using 'Import Image' via 'WIM Manager' had wrong options selected
• FIX: Update Installer hanged uninstalling updates
• FIX: Updates for Windows Update itself now show green
• FIX: Links did not open correctly.
• FIX: MSU to CAB Converter now opens support page on double click
• FIX: MSU to CAB Converter did not show correct support link
• FIX: Driver Installer said 'Stop' when removing drivers
• FIX: When uninstalling drivers, the list was still disabled.
• FIX: When loading services presets, same values will not be checked
• FIX: WinToolkit now cleans up on edit when on new update screen
• FIX: Removed 'SoLoR' button from Update Catalog
• FIX: Update Checker did not load setting correctly
• 'Music and Video Samples' is now red
• Antivirus prompt before AIO Integration starts
• EXE > MSU now prompts where to put the files after completion
Win Toolkit v1.4.0.27 | 9.4 MB 

driver reviver full

يعتبر برنامج driver reviver هو الافضل فى مجال البحث على التعريفات المفقودة وتحديثها ويدعم البرنامج جميع نسخ الويندوز

Description of Driver Reviver
Driver Reviver is the most comprehensive and complete driver update utility available for Windows.
Having up-to-date drivers is essential for maximum PC performance. 
Driver Reviver uses industry-leading technology with the largest driver database to quickly identify out of date drivers and easily updates them with a few mouse clicks!
Why are out of date drivers a concern? 
Out of date and faulty drivers cause a variety of problems: 
* Computer errors, slow PC performance and even Computer crashes 
* Peripherals not working at all, or performing with limited intended features and functionality 
* Lost productivity while you try and get peripherals working How Will Driver Reviver Help? 
* Stop wasting hours of your valuable time trying to tweak your Computer with drivers you find at random sites on the Internet, which could be the wrong drivers or worse yet may be infected with spyware and viruses 
* Fix driver bugs and keep your peripherals running at maximum performance with full features and functionality 
* Driver Reviver automatically downloads the latest driver and software updates straight from the manufacturers website 
* Never worry again about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver 
* Update all of your Computers drivers in minutes, with a few simple mouse clicks Restore maximum performance to your PC today with the multi award-winning Driver Reviver now. Free Scan!

Driver Reviver Features
  • Driver Reviver ensures all your hardware devices and software applications are performing at peak performance levels. Missing out on the latest driver releases means your PC and hardware devices are being cheated from bug fixes, performance improvements, and potential new features from the manufacturer.
  • Saves you time. It will require numerous hours to track down each and every driver for every single piece of hardware connected to your PC. Driver Reviver accomplishes this in minutes.
  • Saves you money. There are driver sites that provide drivers on a 'cost per download' basis. Your system will likely require hundreds of updates in its lifetime, so this option is expensive. In contrast, the number of drivers you can download using Driver Reviver is limitless during the subscription period.
  • Prevents you from incorrectly using the wrong driver. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific. This means that drivers (1) must be compatible to your PC's operating system, and (2) be suited to your hardware's brand and model. Driver Reviver automatically works on this basis so you're assured that driver update recommendations are specific to your system and hardware.
  • No need to be tech-savvy. It takes a bit of PC knowledge to scan for drivers, download them, and install them properly. Driver Reviver does all this for you.
  • Finds the right driver straight from the manufacturer directly. There is no need to hunt for the original installation CD or wasting time trawling the web.
  • Completely reduces your risk of downloading a faulty driver or even spyware. The wrong driver or malware could render your PC inoperable and potentially put you at risk of identity theft.
  • Driver Reviver protects you from mistakes. Restore point setting ensures that if there are any problems with an update, the changes can be easily reversed to get you back up and running in no time.
  • Huge database connected directly to the original manufacturer. Driver Reviver has over 10,000,000 drivers and applications from 56,000 hardware and software vendors.
  • New intuitive and simple to use interface makes Driver Reviver user friendly and easy to use. Driver Reviver has been developed with the novice user in mind while providing the backend structure and functionality expected by the most advanced user.
  • Light footprint ensures your computer's performance won't be affected while you use Driver Reviver. The last thing you want to do when running an application is for it to bog down your system and lose performance. Driver Reviver is all about helping improve your PC's performance and has been developed with this in mind.
  • 24/7 technical support. Support for Driver reviver is available from within the product and via email. Turn around time for a support request is less than 2 hours.
  • Driver Reviver is RISK FREE. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply contact our friendly consultants within 30 days, and we will happily give you your money back.
  • Windows 7 compatible. Many driver updaters are not yet Windows 7 compatible. With the big push for Microsoft on this launch, and with most new PC's coming with Windows 7, the need to be able to update software and drivers for existing peripherals for Windows 7 is extremely important.


Ubuntu Beginner Guide

This 30 page guide was written for beginners and will tell you everything you need to know about the Ubuntu experience. You will learn how to install and setup Ubuntu on your computer, find technical support in your community, understand the Ubuntu philosophy, navigate the Unity desktop interface and use Ubuntu compatible software programs.

Curious about Ubuntu, but not sure where to start? Start here: “Ubuntu: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide”, by author Courtney Loo, is the latest free guide from MakeUseOf and will teach you everything you need to know about Ubuntu in easy-to-understand language.
Ubuntu is a free/libre, open-source computer operating system with 20 million users worldwide. But it’s also so much more than that: it is an ethos, a collaborative project and, first and foremost, Ubuntu is a community of people.
If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably interested in moving away from proprietary operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X; perhaps you’ve already installed Ubuntu on your computer but are not sure where to start.
Migrating to a new operating system can be daunting, especially when faced with unfamiliar words like ‘FLOSS’, ‘command line interface’ and ‘kernel’.
Many people are intimidated by the technical jargon of a non-commercial operating system and believe it’s too advanced for them.
Well, that is simply not true.
Ubuntu is easy to install and simple to use.
Best of all: it’s completely FREE!
This complete, free guide will teach you:
  • What Ubuntu is, in every sense of the word
  • What makes Ubuntu free, as in freedom
  • How Ubuntu and Linux are related
  • How to install Ubuntu for absolute beginners
  • Where to find free support for Ubuntu questions
  • How to use the Unity interface
  • How to find software in Ubuntu, and which software to use
Format : PDF 

Language : English 

Number of pages :  30 pages 
Size :  8.8 MB
لتحميل مشغل الكتب الـ PDF

Format : PDF 

Language : Russian

Number of pages :  30 pages 
Size :  2.4 MB
لتحميل مشغل الكتب الـ PDF

Download as ePub (iPad, Nook, Kobo etc)
Format : epud

Language : English 

Number of pages :  30 pages 
Size :  4.9 MB