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Led Running Lights

This department is working 100% and was successfully try it myself

Led Running Lights

If you are looking for the miniature running LEDs light then here you can get one. The circuit  in this site is is using the timer 555 1 to 10 decoder 7493 and 1 to 16 decoder 7441.

Sunrise Faucet

Sunrise Faucet concept gives us a glimpse of what should look like the valves tomorrow. A day which does not seem very far since prototypes have already been made.

Digi-Key app for Android


Digi-Key's app for Android is the design engineer's passkey to one of the world's largest inventories of in-stock electronic components.
With instant access to, our application is designed to help you source the electronic components you need whether you're at work, at home, or anywhere in between!


Occasionally   with these components   doubt arises we work correctly, especially when we are repairing an appliance and also sometimes when we try to recover any items of equipment   already disused or damaged.

CalTronic for Android Phone


Excellent application for electronic calculations.
Provides calculations as Ohm's law, resistor color code, parallel resistance, complex numbers.
Functions for professionals, students and electronics enthusiasts.

In this application you will find:

* Color code of resistors from 3 up to 6 bands
* Color code for RF inductors
* Code capacitor
* Ohm's Law Calculator
* Calculator parallel equivalent resistance
* Complex Number Calculator
* Frequencies Calculator

The application is developed with a graphical interface that makes these calculations very friendly. 

What's New

What's in this version:
3 new solvers for complex numbers, frequencies and operational amplifiers
available in new languages

Format : APK

Language : English 

Size :  1.2 MB